Reynolds Audiology is Looped!

People with hearing loss can dream of a future when hearing aids might also serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, customized sound from inside their ears. They can dream of communities where worship places, auditoriums, business windows, and home TV rooms all broadcast their sound through these in-the-ear loudspeakers. Thanks to the refinement of “induction loop” systems–which magnetically transmit sound to hearing aids and cochlear implants with telecoils (T-coils)–that future can be now!

Hearing Loops

  • Sends clear, pure sound directly from the speaker to your hearing aid
  • Hear the speaker in the presence of background noise
  • Hear in large reverberant spaces
  • Hear the speaker at a distance

What You Need to Use a Hearing Loop

Hearing aid or cochlear implant with a telecoil (T- Coil) program


T-Coil is a small copper coil that is an option on most hearing aids and cochlear implants

What You Need to Use a Hearing Loop

Loop listener if you do not use a hearing aid or cochlear implant

Reynolds Audiology Can Add a T-coil Program
to Your Current Instruments

  • T-Coil only : amplifies only the speaker
  • T-Coil + microphone : amplifies both the speaker & the sound in the room
  • T-Coil only & T-Coil + microphone: both options are programmed. You choose

Reynolds Audiology will

  • Add T-Coil programs to your instruments
  • Program the volume of the T-Coil to your individual needs
  • Shape the frequency response of the sound to your individual needs
  • Demonstrate how to switch to the T-Coil program
  • Practice using the T-Coil program in the office

Benefits of Hearing Loops

  • UNIVERSAL: directly compatible with all hearing aids & cochlear implants that have a T-Coil
  • DISCREET: does not require the hearing instrument user to call attention to themselves
  • CONVENIENT: no need to borrow & return listening devices
  • EASY TO USE: simply push the program button on your instrument or remote control. Does not require undue training
  • EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY: sound is programmed for your unique hearing loss & is processed through your quality instruments
  • HYGIENIC: no need to borrow headsets or ear buds

Did you know?

Nearly 7 out of 10 subjects indicated hearing loop systems significantly improved (scores of +4 or +5) sound quality, speech intelligibility, concentration and reduced background noise while using their hearing device.

Kochkin S, Sterkens J, et al (2014) Consumer Perceptions of the Impact of Inductively Looped Venues on the Utility of Their Hearing Devices. Hearing Review 21(10): 16-26

Signage: A Hearing Loop is Present


  • This symbol indicates the presence of a hearing loop and prompts you to turn on your T-Coil program
  • If you don’t have T-Coil equipped instrument it alerts you to borrow a loop listener


Hearing Loops Improve Hearing and Speech Clarity in Difficult Listening Environments!