Hi Jennifer,
I want to thank you and your great staff for all the help you gave me in finding the right solution for my hearing loss.  Your knowledge, experience and professionalism are outstanding  and I feel very fortunate that  I was able to have your assistance in choosing the best hearing device for my needs.  You and your staff never became impatient with me even though it took me months to decide the best hearing aid for me.   You continually allowed me to try different hearing aids to make sure that I was comfortable with the one I finally chose.  Once making that decision, you and your office have educated me on the care of my hearing aids and have answered all my questions and encouraged me to come back for follow up appointments.
Again, thank you very much.  You have made this process easier for me.
Margy PenningsMarine On St. Croix, MN

I value your help with the hearing issues my mother and I had. Your attention and compassion to our specific needs are so greatly appreciated.

K.HStillwater, MN
I have a fairly severe hearing loss and Jennifer Reynolds, Au.D. has been my primary audiologist for almost twenty years. Dr. Reynolds is the type of professional you wish all of your health care providers could be: she is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional as well as a caring, kind and patient individual. She is also one of the very few health care providers who is willing to spend as much time as necessary to make sure all of your needs are met and all of your questions are answered. She is very up to date on new hearing aids and new hearing aid technologies and she is always willing to try various hearing aids to find the best technology for your individual needs. I would be very happy to talk to anyone who is looking for an excellent audiologist.  
Bonnie DavisStillwater, MN
No one could offer personalized service to meet my unique hearing needs until I found Dr. Reynolds. She took the time to get to know me and my hearing loss. Fitting hearing aids is very different from fitting eyeglasses. It is imperative that you have an Audiologist who can ‘listen’ and understand abstract descriptions of what is working and not working with your hearing aids. I have gone to Dr. Reynolds for years and will continue for many years to come. She always has my best interests at heart.
Michael C.Marine on the St. Croix, MN
Dr. Jennifer Reynolds has been my audiologist for over five years and I'm very pleased with the quality of service she has provided to me. I've been using Oticon hearing aids for five and a half years and love my ability to hear again. Dr. Reynolds has always been very conscious about my hearing, always willing to make adjustments as needed. I have told many friends about my hearing aid experience and encouraged them to pursue hearing aid use and they are now happy with their hearing aids also. I would highly recommend Dr. Reynolds.
Ruth Ann B.Lakeland, MN
I first got my hearing aids from a direct competitor to Jen. The hearing aids just were not comfortable and the audiologist didn't seem to care about the comfort so I quit wearing them. I went to Jen on a recommendation from a family member who knew her and said that she was really nice and would treat me the way someone with hearing loss needs to be treated. I first saw Jen almost four years ago and would recommend her to anyone. The kindness and respect to the hearing impaired she shows is second to none. You will not regret your visit with Jennifer Reynolds if you are suffering from hearing loss.
Greg BrunckhorstHudson, Wisconsin
Thank you so much for your kind, professional treatment of Aunt Dorothy.
Gary M.St. Mary’s Point, MN
I appreciate all of your good care of me and all of my hearing issues. You and Carol have been so helpful.
Bette S.Minneapolis, MN
It is very kind of you to take such an interest in your patients. I appreciate this very much. I would like to thank you very much for all of your care and kindness over the past 10 years or more. We are extremely lucky to have you as an advocate. Thank you for your care of your patients including me.
Christine C.Marine on the St. Croix, MN
Thank you so much for all that you have done for my new hearing aids. I am forever grateful to have such wonderful and kind people in my life, because without you guys to support me, I wouldn’t be where I am today! You guys made a difference in my life.
Rochelle H.Minneapolis, MN