Reynolds Audiology & Tinnitus Center

Reflections on  30 years of practice

As a practicing Audiologist for over 30 years I have witnessed many changes in health care. Some of the changes have been beneficial, others; not so much. Many of the changes are amazing and have improved the quality of life for many individuals and others have proven to be more of a challenge.

Though change is inevitable, one of the positive changes in hearing health care has beenhome_services_6 technology. I now have the tools to help more people with difficult types and degrees of hearing loss than I could 30 years ago. When I first began to practice people wore hearing aids that looked like the size of a banana hanging behind their ear. People were using eyeglass hearing aids so when they took their glasses off they couldn’t see or hear! Body worn hearing aids were still in use. Women placed the aid in their bra and men in their pocket with wires running up to their ears.

Current cutting edge technology has brought about extraordinary change. I now fit hearing instruments that are not visible. Sound processing cannot even be compared to 30 years ago. At that time sound processing was linear with limited adjustments using potentiometers, similar to adjusting a thermostat with an old style dial. Fast forward to today, adjustments are made with the use of computers to program digitally processed sound. The instruments are mini computers allowing speech to pop out above the noise, more accurate sound localization, the ability to hear whispers and hearing from a distance. Today’s technology has allowed a user’s experience to be much more true to that of someone with no hearing loss. Both the styles and sound processing of hearing instruments have made amazing strides. If you have been told hearing instruments can’t help you…not true! With today’s technology 90% of individuals with hearing loss can be helped.

A change that has proven to be more of a challenge is the corporatizing of health care. Health care is now big business. Providers are expected to see more patients in less time, yet achieve higher positive outcomes. This is simply not possible. So guess who is impacted?

I have witnessed that impact on patient care. I wanted to make a change and started my own private practice. I’ve created my practice to match my values. It is essential to provide the time required to have a positive experience and be successful with your hearing instruments.

You’ll need time to gain the knowledge and experience to assure you receive maximum benefit from your hearing instruments, an education I am dedicated to provide.   We’ll need time together so I may understand your individual needs. Do you have dexterity or visual challenges? Do you have small, angular or narrow ear canals? Do you have oily or waxy ears? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Are you frequently in large challenging group environments? Do you have tinnitus or ringing in the ears? There are many details I need to learn in order to match the correct technology and style to meet your specific needs.

I want choosing better hearing to be a pleasant and joyful experience. I take the time needed to assure a successful outcome. I want you to experience the joy of staying connected to all you love. During my years of practice I’ve had the privilege of hearing many stories. Common themes include people who have considered leaving their faith community as they could no longer hear the speakers; others, after many years of involvement have contemplated no longer attending community events and meetings as they were unable to follow the conversation and stay engaged; some report not joining family and friend gatherings because they feel excluded from the conversations.

There is no need to stop participating due to the inability to hear well. I’ve had the privilege of being witness to the joy and gratitude of becoming reconnected.

It is my privilege as an Audiologist and fellow participant on this earth walk to keep you connected to all you love!

When you’re ready to choose better hearing, I am committed to your success.